Fifth Grade and Springbrook Farm


May (     )   


The fifth grade has a week-long opportunity to participate in the farm program with a dynamic fifth grade from NYC at Springbrook Farm the week that the sixth graders are away in Maine.  Rob Macri and I have been working to make this a traditional annual event for the fifth graders.  Meeting and working with fifth graders from an urban area was a fantastic experience for the fifth graders last year.  They said, “It was amazing!” “I had a blast!”  “We got to collaborate with kids from a different place, and it was incredible!”  


This year Sarah Merseal will be the sub/chaperone.  Sarah will be with the class from 7:30-2:35.  In the morning, the fifth graders will meet at school, and then be transported by Sarah up to the farm for a day of farm activities with the NYC students.  After that time, if families choose for their child to stay the students will be released into the custody of Rob Macri and farm staff. 


All meals (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner) will be provided. 


For a successful day at the farm students need to be appropriately dressed.  Boots, long pants, layered clothes, sweatshirts, rain gear, extra socks.  They will also need a full water bottle.  Please make sure their name is on everything. 


The students have several end of the day options. 


Please circle/indicate your plan.


A.   Students can be transported back to school by Sarah for 2:35 dismissal home.


B.   Parents can pick their child up at the farm in the afternoon at any time. 


C.    Students can stay for the long haul and Rob Macri would drive them home after dinner and evening activity. (Around 8)




D.   ________________________________________________________________________




Please read and completely fill out the necessary paperwork and return to school by Wed. May 6th.  See me if you have any questions.